You should be able to see the design before you place any order


We ask you to VETO standard off the shelf designs and create your own design.


Our unique platform allows you to Visualise your design through our innovative technology.  You can change the color and design based on your own creativity.


Embroider your brand on your design.  You can contact us, to put your logo into the design so that you can actually see what sort of design allow your logo to stand out.


How many times have you seen the online clothes looks so classy but when you purchase it, fabric feels light and weightless.


Uniformonline, wants you to touch the actual fabric so that you would have the comfort and satisfaction once the product is worn.  We would send you a fabric swatch (15cm X 15cm) when you place an order.  Upon touching it, you will feel the quality, the texture and see the color tone before confirmation of order.


Once you are happy with the fabric, we will produce your design.


When you Own your design, we want you and your staff to be proud of your creation and proud of your company.


Uniformonline, has over 700 product combinations.

Additionally, you can choose your own design and perform mix and match in our wide variety of fabric colours.


Because you deserve the rights to choose and design. 😊


Start Designing…


Happy designing!



-Team Uniformonline